EMERGENCY 20 now available

10 classic missions celebrating our anniversary

For the 20th anniversary of EMERGENCY we prepared a special game: In EMERGENCY 20 you can experience 10 of the best missions out of 20 years of EMERGENCY, in the newest technology. Newcomers and long-term players alike can now prove their skills as incident commanders in the gorgeously re-imagined missions. It’s your task to manage the exciting challenges with your firemen, doctors, policemen, engineers and many units more.

Each of the 10 missions has three levels of difficulty, making sure that even experienceid incident commanders will have their hands full.

Featuring all three campaigns of EMERGENCY 5, EMERGENCY 2016 and EMERGENCY 2017 and their four huge freeplay and multiplayer maps, EMERGENCY 20 contains many hours of tried and true EMERGENCY gameplay.

EMERGENCY 20 is available in shops now and as a download from Steam. Owners of EMERGENCY 2016 or EMERGENCY 2017 can get EMERGENCY 20 as a discounted upgrade. The Upgrade option on Steam is available until December 21st 2017.

The upgrade package for owners of the boxed versions is available on gamesplanet.